About the Three Sisters

Meet Some of the Sisters



Janice (Jane) Leverenz, CD(DONA)

Jane has a passion to help educate, empower, and support women and their families during their birth journey. She has been working as a birth doula since January 2014. She became passionate about childbirth after her first baby was born in 2007. She has enthusiastically pursued greater knowledge and birth experience ever since! Jane is an active, loving and empathetic woman. Wife to a wonderful guy and mother to four amazing, energetic children. She also loves the Rochester birth community dearly!


Jenessa Pak, CD(DONA)

Jenessa is a natural born care giver. She is an enthusiastic educator and is passionate about supporting families as they grow. Jenessa offers gentle and steady support for women throughout their childbearing journey. Jenessa has always been interested in birth and motherhood and began her birth doula certification in 2014, immediately followed by a certification in Childbirth education. She approaches her doula work with compassion and empathy while standing on a solid base of knowledge. Jenessa is a loving wife and mama to three beautiful children.